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'Rape banter' must stop or rapists will keep walking free - Telegraph

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It is chilling to think that our attitudes to rape and popular ‘rape banter’ could help rapists plan their crimes, and eventually get away with them, writes Radhika Sanghani

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Speak up. Letting a rapist go free means that he or she will think that what they did was okay. Rapists usually aren’t the guy in the bushes, but a friend, a boyfriend or a family member. Not speaking up can translate to low self esteem, which is a prime condition to be revictimized. Get a support system. If your current one is weak and will not support you, SPEAK UP until you find one that will. Rape is inexcusable.

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Immigration Is a Feminist Issue

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Our current failed immigration system denies immigrant women the right to equal opportunity and equal treatment under the law. Women and children constitute three-quarters of all immigrants — women alone make up 51 percent — and yet only 25 percent…

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Humanist issue. Poverty, sexual bias, gender discrimination, race and socio-economic adversity create a volatile situation where there are no clear cut answers. It is not as easy as just “sending them back where they came from”.

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